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See what other people are saying about Layton Meadows Apartments in Layton, UT! Here, we truly value our resident’s voices, and we look forward to what each of them has to say. At our Layton apartments, we strive to design our community with the resident in mind. We encourage each resident to share their real experience of living in our community so that we can continue to improve. Here, our residents are our top priority. Schedule a tour of our apartments near Layton, and see for yourself better living! Join Layton Meadows today.


Didn’t have such a great experience at the beginning but they fixed it and moved us and I’m happy now. Great place to live.


Come stay with us at the Layton Meadows where the amenities are as amazing as the management and staff it has to offer. If you come on down we have a great remolded mold infested lofts. That mold just brings that right musky wet smell no one could resist. Its so great its hard to keep track on what we have fixed in the complex and kept up on. People are always saying we are number 1 using there middle finger. In fact we are such a popular apartment complex we just can't keep those dang cops out of here because they as well know how fast all the units GO! And just wait tell you and your dog go for your first walk in the beautiful court yards. They are so considerate to be able to show you there is proper plumbing and electrical wiring for all to enjoy! So much joy its electrifying! And if your kids would love to start learning to become a Electrician than this place is gonna be just great for you. Our pathway lamps and street lamps do not have those stupid annoying covers that make it so hard to get those wires! So getting through college is gonna be as fast as lightning! You need to ask yourself one question has there ever been a time in your life that you That you get to experience that amazing event with fire in your own home? Well you do not have to worry about that fire escaping our screens are screwed on professionally! No more worries on that fire escaping this also keeps the fire healthy and feeding it so it can turn one day into a blazing inferno keeping not just you but also your Neighbors warm and cozy as you sleep at night! The units we offer also come with their own antique décor coming and even if you seek there is an age to fire extinguisher that we are mostly 11 years old from expired service date this right here gives us the best ratings for the image we hold No And if you are worried about your water bill i mean who isn't? Worry no more we have the best holes for rain to come in your apartment naturally and this also gives our mold the best smell and the best after effect for your body to experience! No longer will you have to go to a spa to really fill the great affects crawling through your skin. And just wait Tell your kid sees all the mold they're gonna get so thrilled they're gonna have to catch their breath sometimes our residents half to go to the ER can't breathe from the joy you get just being lucky enough to have the fine black mold! We really push our mold on new reaidents because here at layton meadows we have spent many years experimenting and growing new forms of it everyday 24/7. The range market for rentals are anywhere from $900 to $1200 this is all depending on how much mold the renter would like. Also if our apartment square footage seems too big don't worry to much we closed off about 100 square feet to help you bring down that electrical bill and it also helps cut back on cleaning and gives are 5 star mold the best wet moldy investment it desperately needs to give the best quality and potent aroma one craves! So come on in for a showing today here at layton meadows are butt rapping is fast and quick and we love your money! Please do not ask us for anything after you move in we are to busy growing mold and taking or lunches and coming up with schemes to even think about your concern . If its broke get over it💥 We did its easy just forget about the problem💥. If your apartment floods its okay the mold likes it💥. We do have to feed it paint but after awhile it will be visible for you and your loved ones to see love and enjoy. Also keep noise to minimum for the respect of our cockroach tenants they share the same facilities! Others can take anything that does not belong to them this way there is no problems with people sharing and its fair to everyone! Thanks again for your intrest so please come on down and let us take your money!😑😦 i dont see how a fire extinguisher went 11 years expired unnoticed? I don't think that's gonna pass code standards? Don't even look this direction run run away the roaches they will get you!😷👎😎👌😒


Great response. Great people


The living conditions here are excellent! It is cozy and clean! We have had no issues with bugs, rodents or anything unacceptable! The noise level is minimal as well! The yards are kept up and most people clean up after their pets very well! We also enjoy the pool and the community grills in the summer!! Over all it is a GREAT place to live!!




Enjoy living here very much. Great experience for my son as well.




It's not perfect, but it's good. There is a swimming pool and a small gym.

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