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See what other people are saying about Layton Meadows Apartments in Layton, UT! Here, we truly value our resident’s voices, and we look forward to what each of them has to say. At our Layton apartments, we strive to design our community with the resident in mind. We encourage each resident to share their real experience of living in our community so that we can continue to improve. Here, our residents are our top priority. Schedule a tour of our apartments near Layton, and see for yourself better living! Join Layton Meadows today.


Most of the people here are really friendly and outgoing. Although it’s not 5 star accommodation, they allow large dogs which is a bonus. The staff are friendly and outgoing. There were a bunch of maintenance issues when we moved in, but were resolved immediately. Only one parking spot per apartment which sucks if you have multiple cars. The location is great though. The insulation isn’t the best since it’s an older place. I’m in a renovated apartment which is nicer than some of the units I toured. They have basic cable included and a bulk cable package which discounts the internet and premium tv. 60 megabyte connection is really fast.





Honestly speaking, a lot of these reviews were true when we first moved in. There was an issue with people smoking, and the lights being out. Recently we haven't had much of an issue with smoking and when talking with the people in the office they said that all of the lights are being replaced. Most of them have been and its like a different apartment community now. I feel comfortable walking from my apartment to my car at night because I work graves. We have had some issues with maintenance getting in and fixing problems we have, but the main thing to say is that if you come into the office to report the problem it gets fixed. Calling didn't get us very far it was still a few days before they could come out and fix it. mostly our garbage disposal getting jammed witch I'm sure we could have fixed ourselves but felt better about asking them to. We plan on staying for the remainder of our lease and haven't had any issues with late payments. Mostly, if you keep to yourself and follow the rules, you will enjoy it!!! The trouble makers are the ones saying all of the negative comments. ASk the current residents, they will tell you how different it is!!!! thanks layton meadows we sure appreciate you!!!!!


This is based on my experience visiting Conveniently located in the city. Walking distance from the Mall, a Super Walmart, and shopping centers. The lot is...




after nearly a year here, I have found kind and sympathetic people. There is a sense of community here and compassion . I am in my second apt here and have never had "bed bugs" ; most likely it is that bed that has the problems. Staff and maintenance are fantastic!! Cheers~

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